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Melony Mahaarachchi – SpaceX and NASA Mars 2020 Engineer and how she became a Real-life Rocket Scientist

“Within my first three months as SpaceX, I was in charge of rocket engine electrical cables. My heart was pounding and I wanted to run and come home –...

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Dr. Hasini Jayatilaka – Forbes 30 Under 30 Cancer Researcher and her amazing discovery on how to slow the spread of cancer cells

“Cancer is an extremely smart disease. It’s one of the reasons we’ve battled it for so long.” – Dr. Hasini Jayatilaka. Dr. Hasini Jayatilaka (@hasinijt) is an acclaimed cancer...

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Episode 10: Raj Jana – Founder & CEO of JavaPresse Coffee Company and how to kick-start your journey to extraordinary living

“Be grateful for what you have and ambitious for what you want.” – Raj Jana Raj Jana (@rajer_thatt) is an impact-driven entrepreneur, podcast host, & keynote speaker who’s passionate about...

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Episode 9: Raj Bhavsar – Olympic Athlete and his groundbreaking journey to become a world-class gymnast

“Believe what you want to achieve.” – Raj Bhavsar Raj Bhavsar (@Rajnastics) is Olympic Athlete, world-class gymnast, entrepreneur, and artist. His accolades are simply outstanding: Bronze medal in 2008 Beijing...

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Episode 8: Arsalan Shirazi – Actor, Rapper, Writer and how he’s building a media empire from scratch

“There are moments where you can’t hide from what you want to do.” – Arsalan Shirazi Arsalan Shirazi (@entitldartist) is the quintessential multi-hyphenate artist: he’s an actor, writer, rapper, and founder...

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Episode 7: Shabnam Samuel – Powerful stories on marriage, hardship, and healing

“Writing completely soothes me and is form of healing.” – Shabnam Samuel Shabnam Samuel (@panchganiwrites) is a writer, coach, social media trainer, and the founder of the Panchgani Writers’ Retreat. Shabnam...

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Episode 6: Hema Kundargi – The surprising science behind nutrition and the benefits of going back to school after 30 years

“You’re never too old to set another goal or a dream.” – Hema Kundargi Hema Kundargi is a registered dietitian, culinary artist, and TV host. Hema went from being an...

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Episode 5: Lavesh Pritmani – Founder and CEO of Learn Bhangra and his story on building a business from your passion

  “Bhangra is a dance that combines both energy and grace.” – Lavesh Pritmani Lavesh Pritmani (@LearnBhangraNow) is the founder and CEO of the Learn Bhangra. In less than three years,...

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Episode 4: Asha Rangappa – Former FBI Special Agent and her stories behind catching spies, overcoming barriers, and creating your own career path

“My advice would be to ignore your parents. At some point you have to decide what you want to do for yourself.” – Asha Rangappa Asha Rangappa (@AshaRangappa_) is a former FBI...

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Episode 3: Srihari Sritharan (Dr. Srimix) – How to become a top DJ with millions of listeners

  Srihari Sritharan (@DrSrimix) aka Dr. Srimix is an extremely talented DJ and producer who blends South Asian music with Western influences. He is one of the most popular DJ’s in...

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Episode 2: Kovid Gupta – How to break into Bollywood with zero connections

Kovid Gupta (@kovidgupta) is an author, screenwriter, filmmaker, and social activist. At the age of 22, he moved from Texas to Mumbai to pursue his dream of breaking into...

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Episode 1: Priya Krishna – How to become a world-class food writer

Priya Krishna (@pkgourmet) is an accomplished food writer and author – with publications in The New York Times, The New Yorker, GQ, Taste, Saveur, and Bon Appetite to name a...

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